Sean de Freitas, Trinidadian born but Tobago resident and also known as the "Ice Man" because he owns and manages an ice factory in Tobago.

"Having lived in the "Sister Isle" - Tobago for the past nineteen years, I explored the many outdoor activities available on the island and mountain biking quickly became one of my favorite hobbies".


The many natural trails overlooking the ocean with breathtaking views, some of which lead to secluded beaches where riders can cool down and even take a swim before heading to the next trail was simply irresistible.

My decision to start Mountain Biking Tobago followed a visit from two photographers and an editor representing a famous mountain bike and health magazine. Having taken them on just a few of our adventurous trails and hearing their comments just made me realize how much I enjoyed riding and showing mountain bikers around our beautiful undiscovered island.

Articles on Mountain Biking Tobago have appeared in a number of magazines which include Mountain Bike, New Zealand Adventure.

Quoting from the most recent "Sun soaked Trinidad & Tobago mountain bike adventure" - New Zealand Adventure magazine (Feb/Mar 2004) - "Trinidad was nice but Tobago was even better.....for four days we ride exciting trails.  There are steep climbs and exhilarating descents.  Breathtaking views and "Robinson Crusoe" beaches.  Wonderfully relaxing on the mind if not the body!"

Other activities available in Tobago are windsurfing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, nature walks, bird watching, horseback riding - to name a few.

See you in Tobago soon!!


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