Tobago offers a wide range of trails from breathtaking downhills, challenging single tracks to easy-coast cruises.  It is a first class destination for mountain bikers of all levels. 

One trail offers a "laid back"  short ride along a jeep path with gentle slopes, leading to a shallow stream which can be crossed easily.  While following the bank of the stream, you have time to enjoy the exotic flora and fauna along the way.  Re-crossing the stream at various points,  you reach a beautiful waterfall and pool perfect for cooling down or even taking a swim.  Local fruits of the season can be sampled along the way to boost energy levels.


Another trail recommended for the Beginner, is on the south-western end of the island starting in the small village of Canaan.  Here, we take back roads to a flat, single track running through the mangrove, and leading eventually to one of Tobago's most famous and picturesque beaches. 


For the Intermediate rider, there are many trails that provide a mixture of gentle slopes to moderate inclines, most leading to either a beach or waterfall.  

One such trail begins at an elevation of approximately 1500 feet and follows a wide, open trail along the side of a mountain, descending quickly with some sharp corners into a small valley.  The momentum of the downhill section almost carries you up the following incline, leaving little time to admire the spectacular views of the ocean far below you.

The trail continues downhill passing a river and one of Tobago's historical ruins of a European Fort before reaching the beach.  Local wild life seen on this trail can include a variety of birds such as the silent Racket-tailed Mot Mot, Jacamar and noisy flocks of green parrots.


Now, for the Experienced rider, we have some trails that will literally keep you hanging off the edge of your seat and give you a major adrenaline rush. 

One trail in particular, offers a rough single track ride,  starting just off the main road at elevations of 1000 to 1500 feet above sea level.  

This trail runs along the edge of a ridge, slowly descending down the mountain for approximately two miles through steep terrain with the occasional rutted section.  Riders can appreciate the dramatic views of the ocean and beach below as well as the surrounding hills.  

The trail eventually takes you to a secluded beach which is only accessible by boat or the trail itself.  Ride through a canopy of trees experiencing technical spots one after the other and a number of sharp, tight turns all the way down to the water's edge.  


You can walk along the quiet, sandy beach shared by the famous Leatherback turtles which come ashore there to lay their eggs.  The nesting season for these amazing sea creatures runs from March to June, and hatching of the hundreds of eggs continues through August.


Others may choose to swim in the clear waters of the Caribbean as a great way to cool down and catch your breath before heading back out.


Big Bay, Tobago, W.I.

Some of our Tobago trails have been given intriguing names by local mountain bikers, but you will have to ride them to make any sense of "Coke Kills", "Indian Walk", "Gru-Gru Boeuf", "Wild Cow Trace", "Sky Loops" and "Chocolate Cake".


A number of editors and photographers representing famous biking and health/fitness magazines have come to experience the terrain first hand and see what Tobago has to offer.  Articles have since appeared in Men's Journal, Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike Rider, New Zealand Adventure and a number of tourism publications promoting the island.





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